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Dear recruiter

Dear recruiter
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You’re most likely reading this because I sent you the link here. Let me start by thanking you for your message and apologize for this admittedly weird response.

I get a lot of messages, emails, phone calls, etc from people who want to help me recruit. While I appreciate the hustle and don’t doubt the awesomeness of your candidates, it’s become untenable for me to consider, or even respond, individually to each request.

But fret not! Your outreach has borne the fruit it could.

  • I have received your message and saved your contact information. There’s no need to "check in" later this week — your work here is done.
  • I won't lose your contact information. You don’t have to "catch up" or "touch base" in a couple of months.
  • When I need recruitment services in the future, I will reach out. Any repeated messaging can only negatively affect your chances of being included.

What's next? Give me a thumbs up in our conversation and I'll know you read this far. ;)

Thank you and have a great day!